Lately I’ve been reading all these things which are saying that 60-70% of the human body is energy and the rest 40-30% is matter. Then I see somebody inflicting pain on another.

And I realize it never had much to do with physical pain or pleasure.

It was all emotional.

No.1 is angry that No.2 is late. No.1’s in pain because it feels that No.2 didn’t care about it enough to arrive on time. So it inflicts pain on No.2. Now, No.2 is in pain, offended that No.1 would attempt to put them in pain.

Just as everybody has different languages of love, we had different languages of pain. And just as we learn how to love from our surroundings, it all depended on how we learned to handle pain. Some hit, shout, curse, scold, argue, but some turn it on themselves. They hurt themselves.

So I move on with a different mindset, that just as we seek to understand the love language of others, it’s important to seek their languages of pain.


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