MonthinReview: March and half of April

KAY. So, I know I said a bunch of things about being persistent and stuff right. But I didnt’ want to make the blog like a mandatory work, so that I realized i had to write, but I was not ready to feel or write about my feelings. It sounds so serious, and sometimes it was, but not all the time. And I’m writing this in English because I’m still not ready to express my feelings in Mongolian, because my Mongolian self is very slow.

Soo from March 3 to 13, I took part in a snow analysis group, with people from Nagoya Uni’s Road/Gateway to Success PhD program (or something, I forgot the name), and a bunch of Mongolians as well. It was so fun, met a bunch of people, had a great time. Tiring, but great 10 days. Idk, my energy was at an all time high then. I remember missing them a whole bunch the next day when they left. It was sad, and quite odd for me to miss people so soon or so much.

Anyways, after and sometimes during that research, I was working on my own personal paper, which is the effect of tire combustion products in urban air during winter in UB. So we burnt bunch of tires. It was NOT FUN. I guess somebody should do the dirty work someday anyhow. It was cool though. I wished I had taken like a 2 day break but the previous research finished at the beginning of a whole week, so I was super tired and had 0 chance of resting. I jumped right in, oh well. And then I had to work on Grapher and other programs. Apparently they were really easy, but I just kept thinking it would be hard and it was?

SUCH a weird month for me tbh. I don’t even remember the last time, before this month, that I last thought omg it would take so long and I can’t make it on time or something. I think I was high under stress maybe. So I was not much big of a help to my teacher, who regardless of my stupidity and inactivity, taught me and helped me write the paper.

So my whole month has just been “look like writing paper”.

Lessons from practice:

there’s usually an easier way to do what u’re suffering to do. find it. save time. work smart. like thank god for zotero and endnote and everything.

be ORGANIZED. so my excel sheets are like places i never want to revisit. it is sooo messy. it’s a product of a messy brain.

understand the purpose of ur work at all times. remember that ‘project mindset’, yeah keep remembering and implementing.

separate ur work and study hrs. but when u don’t have a family to feed, you’re all free so conquer the world.

wipe that mindset which makes u think i can’t do it. altho u can’t be too proud, u of all ppl should believe that u can do what u have to do.

Today, coming from a school conference looking at my teacher give a speech, I’m just mesmerized, surprised, proud, in aww, and basically speechless. I feel so dumb and not hard working enough to work like this after ihave been guided by somebody like her. #girlpower

Worldwide, I’m not keeping up with news much but North Korea’s being stupid and trying to fire nukes and some serious shit is going on. Venezuela held a protest against the government because they believe their democratically elected leader is ‘dictatorial’ and shit, idk what’s going on with the world. Obviously a lot of this NK drama is associated with Trump. Trump’s EPA policies are affecting many on a large scale and will even later.

I’m sleepy and have an early class. I’ll update this later. NIGHT 🙂



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